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My laboratory is primarily involved in two research areas: calcification of hard tissues and computer applications in biochemistry and molecular biology.

The use of computers for analysis of nucleic acid and protein sequences has become an essential part of molecular biology. I have been involved in the development of computer programs for prediction and graphical display of protein secondary structure from sequence. More recently, I have used these programs to build molecular models of complex proteins for the purpose of developing testable hypotheses for experimental evaluation of structure-function relationships. Other activies include analysis of expression profiling data, and analysis of protein and nucleic acid sequences.

In the calcification area, the focus is on the cellular mechanisms necessary for initiating hard tissue mineral formation. The major goal is to elucidate the precise sequence of events which results in the formation and growth of hydroxyapatite crystals in the matrix of vertebrate mineralized tissues which include dental enamel, dentin, cementum, calcified cartilage and bone. The mineralization of these tissues is carried out by specialized cells which deposit mineral ions onto a preformed organic matrix, and is characterized by strict spatial and temporal regulation of the expression of specific gene products. The only components common to all vertebrate mineralized tissues are calcium and phosphate ions and the enzyme, alkaline phosphatase.

In many of these tissues, Matrix Vesicles (MV) are the initial sites of matrix mineralization. We are presently studying MV are formed from cell membrane componnents, and how these constituents function to intiate mineral formation.


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